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Guarding your boat
The surest way

Prepare for marine accidents that may occur anytime, anywhere with the YATSAFE safety kit.

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YATSAFE is essential
for a safe voyage.

No one can predict a marine accident. The YATSAFE safety kit can take action quickly in case of an accident and prevent greater risks. Now take a step further for a safe voyage. About more

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YATSAFE safety kits can be purchased at the following stores.

Anyone can use YATSAFE easily

Keep a YATSAFE safety kit in the boat and use it easily in case of an emergency.

Take care of the damage to the Boat

In case of Boat damage caused by marine accidents, YATSAFE safety kits can be used quickly to prevent further damage.

Block the damaged area for two minutes

Boat passengers can directly block damage to the Boat. You can block all the tops of the hand that are 1cm to 25cm in diameter in 2 minutes. About More

YATSAFE: Boat damage control technology

The YATSAFE safety kit contains the technology of Boat hazardous substance leakage prevention technology and hull damage recovery system technology.

Effective blocking of pore area

Rapid blocking and rapid response are the most important in Boat damage accidents that require speed. The YATSAFE safety kit is a marine essential safety product that most effectively prevents danger.

98% Damage Prevention Rate

You can block all the tops of 1cm to 25cm directly in 2 minutes. The success rate of hole sealing at 0.3bar water pressure is 95%.

The easiest way to save a Boat

Place the YATSAFE safety kit on the Boat right now.
Anyone related to the marine industry, such as Boat owners and companies, can be a customer of YATSAFE.