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An easy way to protect a Boat

Prepare for the risk of marine accidents with the YATSAFE safety kit.

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Why do we need YATSAFE?

There are constant marine accidents of large and small vessels around the world every year.

  • Constant marine accidents

    Large and small marine accidents occur steadily every year around the world. Marine accidents are also increasing rapidly in line with the increase in shipping and logistics.
  • Water leisure casualties have increased

    As the water leisure industry grows rapidly, casualties are increasing. More than half of water leisure casualties are caused by boat operators'insensitivity to safety.

Safety over the sea, no one can guarantee it

Even a small hole of damage can cause the boat to sink quickly. Solutions are essential for these risks that could lead to major accidents.

  • A 30-foot boat, which can sink in 12 minutes

    The UK's monthly yacht magazine, which specializes in boats, tested 10 ways for emergency recovery in case of damage holes in boats. At that time, all 10 methods were ineffective, and a 10-cm hole revealed that a 30-foot boat could sink in just 12 minutes. About More

Use it for your own use

The YATSAFE safety kit can be used by dividing by boat size. Keep it on the right vessel and sail safely.

  • Small

    It can be used on small boats such as boats.

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  • Large

    It can be used on medium and large vessels or vessels.

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The fastest way to deal with boat damage

The YATSAFE damage control kit is easy to store and carry, so it can respond quickly in situations where the situation needs to be judged and dealt with quickly.

  • Easy installation

    Anyone can install it easily.
  • No burden

    It weighs about 10kg and can be stored in a small bag and is easy to store anywhere.
  • Convenient usability

    It can be used in everyday life even when it is not used.
    (Blank type, stool type)
  • Speed and accuracy

    Block quickly, accurately, and quickly.

YATSAFE: Safe sailing

The YATSAFE damage control kit can prevent further damage by quickly recovering damage holes that occur in the event of a boat crash.

  • Hard case

    It can be stored in a hard case and easily in a storage space inside the boat.
  • Stool

    It is made as a stool type and can be used as a chair that passengers can easily sit on.
  • Bean bag

    It is made of bean bag type and can be used as a chair that provides rest area for passengers.
  • Effective Obstruction of Irregular Section of Leakage

    Use the umbrella-style anchor technology to disperse and effectively block the immense pressure flowing in or out.

    • Insertion
    • installation
    • Combination
    • Cut-off
    • Pressurized Leakage Stoppage with Umbrella-style Anchor

      Developed with our own patented technology, the umbrella-style anchor ensures safety and flawless adhesion.

    Project specification

    Product name

    YATSAFE Damage control kit
    • Weight

    • Length

    • Width

    • Damaged area

      Large diameter 130 ~ 240mm
      Small diameter 50 ~ 140mm
    • Weight

    • Workers

      Two people
    • Emergency recovery time

      Two minutes
    • Emergency recovery probability

    • MSM-H (assembly type)

      1 SET
    • Small damage prevention equipment MSM-H S

    • Mask

    • Urethane hammer

    • Wood shredder

    • All-round range

    • Bag


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